Live Life With Purpose:

A guide to getting a life plan and sticking to it

By Ian S. Painter

"If I asked you right now what do you want from your life, what would your immediate answer be? A sports car? To travel the world? To retire or, perhaps, to leave a legacy?"

All of us have things that we would like to achieve in our lives, whether two, five or ten years down the line. But to realise these dreams we need to be focused and financially organised. This is the essence of True Lifestyle Financial Planning.

This book will help you take the steps to live life with purpose. It will help you gain clarity and show you how to implement the six steps needed to create a sound Life and Financial Plan so you can ultimately achieve your goals.

We're offering free copies of Live Life With Purpose to anybody who feels they would benefit from it. Simply tell us where to send it, and we'll pop one in the post to you.

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About the author

Ian Painter has been practising financial planning for over 30 years. He has seen first-hand the life-changing and profound difference that True Lifestyle Financial Planning can make to people's lives and succinctly shares his expertise in achieving those goals with passion and a no-nonsense attitude.

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